Situation of Weela production

The summer has arrived even up north and we’ve been able to enjoy the warm weather here too. In the Weela offices work continues despite the summer and we are again many steps closer to deliveries. A month has gone since the last update and so it’s time to share our progress again.

This spring we’ve been improving the details on Weela and we continue to do so. As with most things, for us too the finishing up of small details has taken the most time, but with hard work they’re getting done, one by one 🙂 The product is starting to look good and here you can see a short video from today’s tests.

The orders for materials for production have been started and production will begin in time. The deliveries will be started during August. Before production begins, we still need the testing for the CE-label with which we ensure the safety and quality of the device. The tests have been agreed with a testing laboratory and they will be finished during the summer.

It feels good to get close to the finish line for this development project that has lasted more than a year and to be able to respond to the high demand that Weela has gotten. Let’s enjoy the warmth and sunshine and exercise outside this summer. When the evenings get darker and the days colder it will be nice to do your Weela workouts indoors! The home gym is always near.


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