Status update on Weela deliveries – August

Dear Weela backers and partners,

The development of the next generation of Weela home gym started a year and a half ago. Up until now it’s been a great and surprising journey. We are so grateful for all the interest that we have received from individuals, businesses and the media. The newest product that we launched on indiegogo half a year ago garnered a lot of interest and was sold to 20 countries. Retailers from more than ten countries have been interested in Weela. Now before the product has officially even been launched we’ve sold Weela more than 200 pcs to companies, associations and individuals. More than the Weela predecessor in its lifetime.

Presales have been incredibly important, and through them we can prepare for production and sales at the appropriate scale. We are grateful for each backer and person who has been in touch with us. We have received numerous messages from people who want to purchase Weela once production is started. Our mission is to enable better health, improve wellbeing and an easier tomorrow.

After March we’ve been entirely focused on the product and but marketing on hold, but still we are getting inquiries.

When we started the crowdfunding campaign, our goal was to start deliveries in August. This has indeed been the schedule we set our eyes on but as you can see with the end of the month here, there are delays. The tests for the CE-mark have taken longer than previously and delayed production. We have prepared for every contingency to ensure we can start production as soon as the tests are completedbut it will take some time.

The tests for the CE-mark are still ongoing and when they’re completed we can order the last components. We will inform you as soon as the tests are done and when we can specify a more exact timeline. The tests are now focusedon fine-tuning the smaller details of the product.

Quality and safety are our top priorities and we will not compromise on that, even if it takes now some extra time.

We are thus asking for understanding and patience. We believe that we can get deliveries started in the autumn.

The preorder price is valid until we will start delivering our products.

You can always reach us at if you have any questions.

On behalf of the Weela team,

Miikka Kurunlahti, CEO

July greetings. Testing and short delays.

Summer greetings from Kempele! Preparations for the production have progressed significantly. Most of the components are already in production and the parts will be delivered to us in August so we can begin final assembly and packaging.


Weela in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests

In the laboratory tests there were some small surprises and our product emitted a bit too much electromagnetic noise, which means we need to do some small changes to the product. Because of this we need to delay production slightly until we get the last parts into production. We will thus begin deliveries in September. We apologise for the delay, but to make it up to you we will give you as compensation an additional rope handle, which will be a beneficial addition to enable versatile training.

Rope handle for versatile training

The new WeelaTrainer app will be launched already in August and the users of our previous model will be able to use the app already.

Situation of Weela production

The summer has arrived even up north and we’ve been able to enjoy the warm weather here too. In the Weela offices work continues despite the summer and we are again many steps closer to deliveries. A month has gone since the last update and so it’s time to share our progress again.

This spring we’ve been improving the details on Weela and we continue to do so. As with most things, for us too the finishing up of small details has taken the most time, but with hard work they’re getting done, one by one 🙂 The product is starting to look good and here you can see a short video from today’s tests.

The orders for materials for production have been started and production will begin in time. The deliveries will be started during August. Before production begins, we still need the testing for the CE-label with which we ensure the safety and quality of the device. The tests have been agreed with a testing laboratory and they will be finished during the summer.

It feels good to get close to the finish line for this development project that has lasted more than a year and to be able to respond to the high demand that Weela has gotten. Let’s enjoy the warmth and sunshine and exercise outside this summer. When the evenings get darker and the days colder it will be nice to do your Weela workouts indoors! The home gym is always near.


Situation update for Weela backers

Hi All Weela Backers,

First of all, I want to thank all of you who backed us in our preorder campaign. High interest towards our products gives us extra motivation to work hard towards Weela.

We have participated in the beginning of this year in three exhibitions, the CES Fair in Las Vegas, FIBO fair in Cologne, and the GymTec fair in Tampere. Weela is still a unique solution in the world and there is great interest in both home training and professional training markets for Weela. Early this year we’ve sold Weela to 20 countries, which is a great accomplishment!

Surely you are interested in the delivery schedule as well. We are on schedule with the deliveries for Weela and deliveries will begin in August 2019. The final touches for the Weela Home Gym equipment have been improved during the spring and we still have some work to do in terms of programming, so that the quality and user experience is the best possible

The producers for the device are for the most part known, and the production process has been planned. We will be doing further active testing early in the summer, before mass production and beginning the deliveries.

We’ll let you know how everything progresses again in about a month. Have a great summer!

We reached our goal!

We reached our crowdfunding goal $30 000! We are so grateful for all our backers who have supported us in bringing gyms to every home. We will still keep pushing strong and would love to get your support. We set up a new goal, if we reach 200% of our goal, 60,000$, all backers will receive an extra handle for even more versatile training so we would love it if you would share our campaign page in your social media to help us spread the word.

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