Mobile Gym

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– All muscle sections of human body can be easily be trained with Weela.

There are guided quick ”coffee break training programs” and long-term heavy muscle training programs in Weela Trainer, all them are available for everybody!


– improving Weela Trainer application

Weela Trainer™-application keeps you motivated! You can monitor your training and development from the app

Easy to start

– personal training program

You have all the moves, series and repetitions in Weela Trainer™-app. There is also animations and instructions for right techniques. Training with Weela is totally safe for beginner also!

All you need in training!


0-50 kg / 110lbs

Just right resistance for everybody

15 kg

Mobile Gym goes everywhere with you

67x63x20 cm

Small and easy to move, but brings gym to you


The app is your coach. It gives you training programs and saves your training log to training history.